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Helping Agunot

The International Beit Din, established in 2014, is committed to strict halakhic standards in addressing challenging cases concerning agunot, agunim. Based on its caseload, it is the most active court for agunot in the United States.  

Gett Abuse Relief

The IBD provides a forum in which women facing gett abuse may find effective relief. Gett abuse often takes the form of a husband’s threat to withhold the gett, either for reasons of spite or to gain advantage in divorce negotiations.

Contact Us

If you need help, contact the International Beit Din for a preliminary consultation. A mental health professional is present at all hearings. Privacy is guaranteed in every contact.


Thanks to the generosity of supporters, there is no charge for services to victims of gett abuse. Please consider donating so we can continue providing services to those in need.

In Memoriam

Rabbi Simcha Krauss zt"l was the founding Av Beit Din of the IBD. His legacy continues to inspire us as we carry on the crucial work of fighting iggun.