The International Beit Din, established in 2014, writes gittin in cases of un-contested divorce in an atmosphere that is sympathetic and sensitive to all parties.

Committed to strict halakhic standards, the Beit Din specializes in addressing challenging cases concerning agunot, agunim and mesuravot gett. Based on its caseload, it is the most active court for agunot in the United States.  

The IBD provides a forum in which women facing gett abuse may find effective relief. Gett abuse takes the form of a husband’s threat to withhold the gett, either for reasons of spite or in order to gain financial advantage in divorce negotiations.

Since its establishment, the IBD has successfully dealt with dozens of cases that have come before it, enabling women and men to move forward with their lives. The Beit din has served clients across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters, there is no charge for services to agunot, agunim or victims of gett abuse.

If you need help, contact the International Beit Din for a preliminary consultation. A health professional is present at all hearings concerning igun. Privacy is guaranteed in every contact.

Rabbi Simcha Krauss
Founding Av Beit Din and Presiding Dayan of the IBD
Rabbi A. Yehuda Warburg
Menahel, Director of the IBD
Rabbi Ariel Holland
Rabbi David Bigman
Rabbi Yosef Levi
Yosef Sharabi
Yoetz Mishpati - Legal Advisor
Mr. Stanley Raskas