AT THE IBD, you will receive access to a timely, respectful yeshivat beit din (hearing) on the matter of the gett with the support of a female professional throughout the process. The Beit Din is available to women and men residing in any country in the diaspora, free of charge.

It is not necessary for all of your financial or custodial matters to be resolved in order to turn to the IBD. You may request a hearing before your civil case is over. A written p’sak din is provided at the end of the process.



Every call is handled with sensitivity and seriousness. After an initial intake via phone, and depending on the circumstances, the IBD will move into action. We will first offer tactical, strategic suggestions for the procurement of a gett and work on diligently to see if added leverage can result in the giving of a gett.

To date, we have assisted in procuring more than 100 gittin employing these strategies. If, however, a gett is not forthcoming, we will move swiftly and determinedly to advance to the next stages of the process.

Case Initiation and Summonses

If it is determined that the IBD is a desirable forum to handle your case, an application will be submitted and hazmanot (halahic summonses to appear before the beit din) will be sent to the recalcitrant spouse. Then, where appropriate, a yeshivat beit din (hearing) is scheduled with our expert dayanim.


As contact is attempted, the dayanim review the case and seek possible halachic solutions to end the marriage and end the abusive situation. This investigation will usually include a din Torah hearing in conjunction with background checks and investigation. All of these efforts are conducted with the aim of uncovering facts to assist in dissolving the marriage.

** A trained female caseworker is available at every stage and is available for the woman to confide in should she prefer to speak to her. Proceedings are held with three dayanim, the female associate, the Menahel, and other staff as may be necessary to properly assist.

Order to Divorce

In cases where a chiyuv gett (order to give the gett/Jewish divorce) is issued, it is then served on the husband informing him of his halachic obligation to divorce his wife. If he refuses or does not respond, halachic solutions are sought to dissolve the marriage and free the wife from the chains of abuse.

Writing of Psak Din

The p’sak din (halachic ruling) is written and presented to the woman who is now free to move on and empowered to reclaim control of her life. Often, the knowledge that a woman will be freed by the IBD is sufficient to motivate the husband to give the gett. The IBD is happy to facilitate the giving of a gett whenever possible.

If you or someone you know is being denied a gett, facing gett extortion, or otherwise being taken advantage of in the Jewish divorce process, we are here to help! Contact the IBD today for assistance obtaining a Jewish divorce.

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